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Assistant Consultant Pediatric Neurosurgery

Saudi Arabia Posted 2024/05/21 12:26:08 Expires 2024-06-01 Ref: JB1100048312

Job Description

Principal Duties:
1. He is governed by the responsibilities outlined in the Medical Staff Bylaws.
2. Provide and promote a high standard quality of care in the Division.
3. Operate in the OR within the approved privileges.
4. Expected to be present in the working vicinity during normal working hours.
5. To be available for contact at any time while in town.
6. Works under the supervision of a Consultant and the Section Head.
7. Allowed certain aspects of primary care responsibilities within his approved privileges. These are defined and supervised by the immediate Consultant and approved by the Section Head.
8. Carries assigned specific duties within the Division with restricted responsibilities as requested by his immediate senior and approved by the section Head.
9. Has no admission privilege.
10. Participate in training and education ofjunior staff.
ll. Attend and participate in all Division's academic activities and researches.
12. Attend and participate in all Division's meetings.
13. Actively involved and participate in the ongoing quality management program.
14. During on-call, all admissions and discharges are to be evaluated by him in the ER.
15. Follows all hospital related policies and procedures.
16. Meet the CME requirements of Saudi specialization.
17. Maintain the spirit of teamwork in the Division.
18. Perform other related duties as assigned.

1. Graduate from Medical School recognized by MNGHA (Essential)
2. Successful completion of a structured, accredited residency training program acceptable by MNGHA (Essential).
Work Experience :
1. Structured, accredited residency training program in concerned specialty acceptable by MNGHA (Essential).


English Language Skills:
Level I
Arabic Language Skills:
Computer Skills: Basic

Job Details

Job Location Saudi Arabia
Job Role Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Assistant Consultant

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