CEO Message

Dear Prospective Future Team Member,

Welcome to our Recruitment Gateway! I am thrilled to have you here and am eager to share my excitement about the prospect of you joining our team at the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs.

At MNGHA, we believe that exceptional healthcare services begin with exceptional people. Our team of healthcare professionals is not only passionate about their work but is also committed, connected, and engaged in delivering the highest quality care to our patients. We strive to create an environment where every staff member feels supported, valued, and empowered to make a difference.

As you navigate through our Recruitment Gateway, I encourage you to explore what makes MNGHA unique. We have a culture of excellence and innovation that sets us apart from other organizations. We are dedicated to providing our staff with opportunities for growth and development, and we value individuals who strive to make a positive impact not only on our patients' lives but on each other's lives as well.

I am confident that as you learn more about MNGHA and the exciting opportunities that await you, you will understand why we are so passionate about the work that we do. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of our patients and each other.
Thank you for considering MNGHA as your next career move. I look forward to welcoming you to MNGHA and seeing the positive impact you will bring to our organization.

Best Regards,

COO Message

Dear Potential Candidates,

At the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, manpower is the Organization’s greatest asset. It recognizes employee’s outstanding expertise, efforts and hard work that contributes to its continuous success. This reflects in the Organization’s commitment to creating a transparent and technology-driven recruitment process that attracts and retains the best talent in the industry.

In the same manner that MNGHA values patient care. It is dedicated to providing the highest standard of healthcare services to patients as reflected thru Kingdom-wide expansions, innovations and specialized healthcare services.

In this journey of workforce and patient care excellence, finding the right people who share these common values, passionate and committed to making a difference in the lives of patients starts with an effective recruitment process.

And as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), I am personally invested in ensuring that the recruitment process is efficient, effective, transparent and fair. You can expect clear communication, timely feedback, and assurance that every candidate has an equal opportunity to succeed. The Organization uses the latest technology to streamline these processes and ensure that we're making data-driven decisions to select the best candidates for the team.

If you're a driven and qualified individual impassioned to making a difference in healthcare industry, and is interested to work with equally brilliant and talented employees of MNGHA, I am inviting you to apply for various employment opportunities. I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about how you can help the Organization achieve its mission.


General Director Message

"At National Guard Health Affairs , we believe that our people are our greatest asset. We are committed to attracting, developing, and retaining top talent from diverse backgrounds who share our values of excellence, teamwork, and customer service. Our recruitment process is designed to identify the best candidates for each position and provide an outstanding candidate experience, from the initial application to the final interview. We are proud of our track record of success in building a strong and diverse workforce, and we are committed to continuous improvement to ensure that we remain a leader in talent management. Join us and be part of a team that is committed to excellence in all that we do."

Start your own journey of success

At MNGHA, we do believe that you are much more than your work experience. You are a unique individual with Passions, skills and preferences. We recognize your potentials and walk you through the road of development to reach your career goals. Mentorship, career development, pride in a job within a high brand and reputation organization and workmates who feel like family. A career with us compensates good on variety of aspects. Apply today, we will show you how to turn your potentials into work that fulfil your ambition and expectations.

Recruitment Mission

Our mission is to build a diverse and inclusive workforce of highly skilled professionals committed to exceptional patient care, through a streamlined and efficient recruitment process that ensures quality and creates a positive candidate experience. We foster a culture of continuous improvement through regular evaluation and feedback.

Recruitment Vision:

To attract, hire and retain the best healthcare talent with a seamless and transparent recruitment process that leverages technology and creates a great experience for all stakeholders.

Be a Part of the MNGHA Legacy

MNGHA believes in the capabilities, skills and potentials of every individual - the workforce that builds and serves as a strong foundation of this healthcare organization.

Realizing your dream job is very important to MNGHA. As the organization helps you attain your goals, a bright future also awaits you. Career opportunities, professional development and continuous learning are in store for you until you realize your highest potential - a holistic individual that is ready to explore the world of professionals!

Thus, as you step into a new chapter of your professional career, it is highly important that you choose to belong to one of the BEST healthcare organizations in the Kingdom. Above all, compensation that is at par with the global market is very gratifying to help you cope with the demands of the world.

In order to start a promising career, apply now and be a part of the most progressive, advanced and globally competitive healthcare organization in the Kingdom!

The Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs (MNGHA) acknowledges the fact that manpower is its main strength - the very foundation on which success and continuous progress of MNGHA heavily depends. Corporate Human Resources (CHR) clearly recognizes the value of the Program’s very core; thus, it constantly configures and assures that continuous Staff development of their skills and knowledge will be of major importance.


Various training programs are being mapped out by CHR’s umbrella department, Training.

Career Advancement

Offering a range of opportunities for career advancement and progression, including internal job postings, professional development programs, mentoring and coaching, and performance-based promotions.

People Matter

The MNGHA organization supports the welfare and development of its entire staff to advance in their profession.

The MNGHA Compensation Philosophy

The Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs (MNGHA) Compensation Program is strategically designed to attract highly qualified candidates to become part of a progressive and competent workforce. Further, it aims at motivating and retaining exceedingly skilled and committed staff that the organization heavily depends on in order to achieve the MNGHA Vision and Mission.
MNGHA guarantees that the pay structure is competitive and compliant with government regulations, wherein any adjustments are administered in accordance with the set guidelines and clearly communicated with the staff.

Being employed at MNGHA goes beyond the basic salary that employees receive on a regular basis. The organization, in line with relevant government regulations, is dedicated to provide both the candidates and employees competitive and equitable compensation packages that include Benefits, Services and Programs, as follows:

Sign-on Bonus

Housing Accommodation

Medical Insurance

Family Status Benefit

Paid Time Off

Mid-Year Benefit

Re-engagement bonus

Overtime/on call/shift

assignment allowance

specialization allowance

nature of work allowance

transport services

Annual Bonus Program

Career advancement programme

Saudi cadres development program

Training programmes

Continuing Professional Education Program

Employee Appreciation Program

Scholarship programs, and medical residency

Recreational activities programme

Employee Social Club Program

Disclaimer: Not all allowances/benefits offered by MNGHA are listed above. In addition, in order to qualify to the above Benefits, Services and Programs, particular eligibility requirements must be met according to the Benefit Group, as applicable.

Available Jobs


Computer Technician

• Install, repair and maintain hardware and software.• Use schematic or manufacturer’s instructions and manuals to diagnose and make repairs.• Assist in utilization review of computer hardware/software.• Install and maintain network and communication equipment.• Develop a sound knowledge of hospital standard personal computer application software.• Install, maintain and work on network cabling.• Install and maintain Personal Computer based applications as per MNGHA IT standards.• Maintain up to date documentation related to work activities. • Follow all prescribed safety procedures.• Maintain computer peripherals and network equipment as necessary and when required.• Perform subspecialty functions based on assigned department’s current Information Technology (IT) requirements.• Perform other job related duties.


Full time


Senior Computer Technician

MAIN DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  Install, repair and maintain hardware and software. Use schematic or manufacturer’s instructions and manuals to diagnose and make repairs. Assist in utilization review of computer hardware/software. • Install and maintain network and communication equipment. Develop a sound knowledge of hospital standard personal computer application software. Install, maintain and work on network cabling. Install and maintain Personal Computer based applications as per MNGHA IT standards. Maintain up to date documentation related to work activities. Review and assess support procedures and provide recommendation on optimization. Follow all prescribed safety procedures. Maintain computer peripherals and network equipment as necessary and when required. Perform subspecialty functions based on assigned department’s current Information Technology (IT) requirements. Perform other job related duties.


Full time


Administrative Assistant III ( Tamheer )

Provide general administrative and clerical support to the assigned department/section by answering telephone, taking messages, greeting visitors, providing general support, managing routine enquiries, drafting routine responses, completing forms among other similar duties. Act as the point of contact for internal and external clients; provide general support to visitors. Manage routine enquiries and refer to responsible personnel. Receive, screen, register, distribute and prioritize all incoming mail, emails, and correspondence memos. Maintain electronic and manual filing systems. Prepare responses to routine correspondence, complete forms and other required documentation. Liaise with departmental personnel, internal and external clients to facilitate communication and required action on behalf of the department. Liaise with all levels of administrative assistants to handle requests and queries from management and senior management. Make copies of correspondence and other materials as might be required. Deliver urgent correspondence within and outside the department, wherever is needed. Perform general office duties such as ordering supplies, maintaining records management systems, and performing basic bookkeeping. Maintain confidentiality at all times. Perform other job related duties

Saudi Arabia


Clinical Policy Analyst II

MAIN DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Participate in producing and developing clinical policies in clear, concise and persuasive communication and presentation, as required. Assist in ensuring clinical policies and procedures are standardized across MNGHA and its affiliated facilities consistent with patient-centered approach, existing rules, by-laws, government regulations and accreditation standards. Assist clinical policy team in the understanding and drafting of the clinical policy. Provide assistance to all MNGHA areas in the interpretation of all clinical policies and procedures. Control a centralized system and protocol for the creation, review, and distribution of clinical related APPs. Review and ensure that each clinical related Administrative Policies & Procedures (APP) is being reviewed by the concerned areas to reflect the most up-to-date process, directive and policy for standardization purposes. Document the collaboration process with the concerned areas. Facilitate the process of finalization, publication, and distribution of new and/or revised clinical related APPs through the MNGHA internet. Perform other job related duties


Full time


Physiotherapist II

Responsible for undertaking and conducting comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients using rehabilitation models to gain maximum potential for the progress of patients’ condition with the guidance of senior therapist and/or consultation with the immediate supervisor. Provide physiotherapy intervention services to patients; assist in maintaining and/or improving quality of life through remedial actions and activities. Confer appropriately with Clinical Specialist to ensure treatment programs and services are in line with clinical standards of practice, policies and procedures and accrediting bodies. Provide the necessary treatment assistance to VIPs and patients referred from the Business Centre. Assist immediate supervisor with monitoring interns, ensure staff adhere to standards and practices to maximize safety and operational effectiveness Liaise with junior staff in providing ongoing overview of patient treatment. Prepare and submit statistical reports detailing workload for review and feedback as required. Comply with the Health Information System (e.g. BestCare) procedure utilizing appropriate methods of operation and technical requirements. Ensure safe and efficient working equipment, reporting faults and problems through the appropriate channels. Perform other job related duties.


Full time


Health Educator

Participate as a Preceptor in the Heath Education, (SCDP) Saudi Career Development Program orientation and training of new health educators and support staff in identification, development and implementation of his/her role in the program. Develop, implement, and evaluate health educational programs. Provide health education materials to patients, families, health care team members, school health programs and the community. Provide group patient teaching activities. Develop patient/family educational tools and materials in Arabic and English. Participate in the Health Educator Advocate Role for the Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) and Kidney transplantation Programs. Collaborate with multidisciplinary team in planning, evaluating and implementing the outcomes of health education. Participate in patient support group activities and community outreach educational programs including International Health Day Events. Collaborate with other Health Organization to spread Health Awareness in the Community as well as the Educational Institutions toward future Health Education Training. Facilitate and participate in performance improvement activities. Provide one on one and/or group teaching programs in Outpatient Clinic and Inpatient Wards. Ensure that all work is performed in compliance with the organization and department’s standards and policies and procedures. Prepare the productivity reports and the statistical activity records on monthly basis. . Collaborate with other Educational Institutions towards future Health Education Training. . Promote effective communication with healthcare team. Maintain personal, professional competence Basic Life Support (BLS) and Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) licensure (90) ninety days prior annual evaluation and renewal of contract. Perform other job-related duties.


Full time


Nurse Specialist - Respiratory ICU (RICU)

• Demonstrate advanced nursing knowledge and clinical competence in the assigned area. Act as an advisor and  resource person within area of specialty. • Work in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team within the remit of the Registered Nurse (RN) license, to  provide advanced nursing care, including nurse led clinics. Act as an advisor and resource person for current  evidence-based nursing practice information in area of specialty. • Demonstrate excellent communication and collaboration skills with patients, their families and all members of  the healthcare team. Function as a patient advocate. • Maintain documentation and record keeping that verify activities according to department guidelines. Maintain confidentially of all records, reports and results related to the assigned area. • Act as an expert educational resource for clinical staff and actively participate in teaching and mentoring of  nursing, and multidisciplinary team in area of specialty. Participate in research activities and ensure  dissemination of relevant researches and best practice guidelines. • Assess patient/family educational needs and readiness to learn, and patient/family discharge planning needs  utilizing appropriate resources. Demonstrate respect, compassion and cultural sensitivity to patients/families,   other hospital employees, students and faculty. Advocate for excellence in patient care and patient rights. • Lead and participate in the development of nursing initiatives or educational program that are aimed at  improving patient quality and experience. Undertake clinical audit and clinical research that contribute to the  development of knowledge and enhancement of nursing practice. Comply with and participate in Quality  Improvement Projects and activities. Maintain infection control measures. • Participate in the evaluation of systems and programs to maximize patient outcomes and cost effectiveness in  area specialty. Make recommendation for changes based on evidence-based practice and practice guidelines. • Lead, develop and review policies, procedure, clinical practice guidelines and provide recommendations for  system development. • Serve as a professional role model, consultant and educator. Develop and utilize professional collegial  networking, hospital employees, students and faculty. Assume responsibility for own actions, decisions and  behaviors. Demonstrate initiative in the performance of duties requiring a minimum amount of supervision or guidance. • Perform other job related duties. Education I  Bachelor Degree in Nursing – Essential Master Degree in Nursing  or SCFHS Diploma in area of specialty –  EssentialRegistration with Saudi Commission for Health Specialties – Essential Work Experience I Minimum of 5 (five) years’ current clinical nursing experience, 2 (two) years of which in the specialty area of assignment – Essential English Language | Essential MNGHA LEVEL STEP IELTS TOFEL         IBT PBT I 75 - 100 5.5 - 7 53 -94 475 -587 Computer : Level II – Essential


Full time


Laboratory Technician II

Greet patients in a courteous manner and respond to patients with empathy and positive interpersonal skills. Draw blood properly using established laboratory procedures (such as proper patient identification, proper test verification, proper tube selection, proper dating, timing and labeling, etc.). Keep blood drawing trays neat, disinfected and well supplied at all times. Process all laboratory test requisitions and specimens in efficient an appropriate manner and according to the highest standards. Maintain awareness of timed specimen’s collection and their importance and attempt to collect these specimens at appropriate time. Collect laboratory blood specimens from various areas of the hospital or receive specimens through the pneumatic tube or other transportation system. Accurately log and track all incoming laboratory specimens into the system. Sort laboratory specimens according to labels and distribute them to assigned sections. Prepare laboratory specimens for sending to reference laboratories. Prepare and submit reports (Safety Report System) of wrong labeling and escalate the issue to immediate supervisor. Adhere to strict policies and procedures while treating patients with care; follow strict safety precautions to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. Perform duties in accordance with the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI), Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA), College of American Pathologist (CAP) and MNGHA Laboratory policies and safety standards.  Perform other job related duties.


Full time


Radiation Therapist II

Produce required customized treatment accessory devices, such as postfix mask, mouth bite, headrest, lead mask, wax bolus and vacfix, etc. Prepare and administer various contrast media (oral and/or intravenous) as indicated by the consultant. Responsible for Computer Tomography (CT) area of interest as per departmental policies. Accurately document set up notes for reproducibility. Participate in weekly and end of treatment radiotherapy chart-checks. Accurately reproduce treatment set ups and deliver the treatments, take verification images, and read and record Source to Surface Distance (SSD) weekly as per departmental policies. Report out of tolerance values to a team leader. Ensure patients attend the review clinic weekly and at the end of the treatment course. Monitor patient’s physical condition, assess treatment side effect and report them to a team leader. Perform and document machine daily quality assurance procedure to ensure its safe operation. Document and report any machine faults to the Chief Radiation Therapist, Healthcare Technology Management, and Medical Physicist. Observe all safety procedures, document and report incidents to the Chief Radiation Therapist. Keep the work area clean, tidy and stocked with necessary supplies. Maintain a positive attitude and provide emotional support to patients. Perform other job related duties.


Full time


Nurse Manager - Adult Cardiac Surgical High Dependency Unit

• Manage the services and activities of the assigned nursing unit including planning, organizing, directing and  evaluating the delivery of patient care and unit/clinic operational management functions. • Demonstrate knowledge and clinical skills appropriate to the area. Maintain a high visibility (80% clinical  presence) to ensure that patient care activities are within established hospital, divisional and unit specific  guidelines, policies and procedures, standards and protocols. • Demonstrate effective communication and collaboration skills when interacting with patients/families, other  health care team members and staff of other departments. Develop and utilize professional collegial  networking. Maintain an open door policy for unit staff. • Coordinate teaching and mentoring of Nursing, Medical and Paramedical students, Interns and Residents. Work with all health care team members in activities designed for the improvement of patient care outcomes. • Ensure provision of patient and family education based on needs assessment, readiness and discharge  planning, utilizing appropriate resources. • Identify opportunities for improvement within the unit and develop, lead, implement and participate in quality  improvement processes and activities. Act as department liaison in nursing and or hospital committees and  workgroups. • Conduct staff performance appraisals. Accomplish staff job results by coaching, guiding and counseling  employees. Facilitate training and professional development of staff. • Ensure own and staff full compliance with all hospital safety precautions, maintaining an updated staff matrix  of required recertification’s. Ensure availability and maintenance of all medical equipment and material  supplies to meet operational needs within the assigned unit. • Maintain all records pertaining to the operation of the area of assignment and generate reports as required. Conduct Staff meetings and maintain minutes. Develop work staffing plans and work schedules to ensure  continued operations. • Serve as a professional role model and resource person to nursing staff. Demonstrate respect, compassion and  cultural sensitivity to patients/families other hospital employees, students and faculty. Assume responsibility  for own professional growth, decisions and actions. • Perform other duties as assigned Work Experience |   Minimum of 8 (eight) years current clinical nursing experience,  3 (three) years of which in specific field/area and in comparable management position – Essentia Specific Certification as required in area of assignment – Essential Registration with Saudi Commission for Health Specialties – Essential English Language |  Essential MNGHA LEVEL STEP IELTS TOFEL         IBT PBT I 75 - 100 5.5 - 7 53 -94 475 -587 Computer : Level II – Essential    


Full time