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Consultant Radiation Oncology

Jeddah , Saudi Arabia Posted 2024/02/27 07:05:31 Expires 2024-05-24 Ref: JB1100045365

Job Description

Main Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Responds to all consultation requests within 24 hours
  2. It accepts for oncologic management evaluates for staging, documents details of clinical status, arranges for necessary Investigations
  3. Consults with other oncologic and non-oncologic clinical specialties for optimum management
  4. Prescribes in detail management and therapeutic programme of each patient with clear and non-ambiguous instructions to nursing and other staff
  5. Appropriately delegates to junior clinical staff
  6. Supervises the course of prescribed treatment and documents in detail its outcome
  7. Formulate an end of treatment case summary after each course of radiotherapy and advices the referring physician or the Family Practitioner with anticipated outcome
  8. Reviews and examines patients in follow up
  9. Attends booked Outpatients clinics
  10. Attends multi-disciplinary clinics as assigned to him
  11. Conducts dally ward round for inpatients admitted under him and be responsible for day to day care
  12. Participates in weekly clinical grand ward rounds
  13. Participates In evening and weekend on call consultant coverage rota for inpatients and for relevant the E.R. for Oncology services in general
  14. Ensures that an accurate inpatient discharge summary is handed over to the patient at the time of discharge from the ward with a plan of future follow up and management
  15. Be a participatory team player
  16. Performs other job related duties as assigned


  1. Responsible for accurate and elaborate documentation of all patients
  2. Responds to the referring physician with the initial recommended management
  3. Relates to referring physician with an end of treatment summary Indicating perceived outcome
  4. Attends all committee assigned to him and reports back to the Chairman
  5. Participates in all clinical Quality Assurance related departmental meetings and committees
  6. Supervises and monitors progress of junior staff in their clinical and academic activities


  1. Participates in Departmental and institutional academic activities (Lectures, Seminars, Symposia, Tutorials etc.)
  2. Assists teaching of Graduate and Undergraduate medial, nursing and paramedical courses as assigned by the Chairman
  3. Involved in departmental, Institutional, national or international Investigative clinical studies in consultation with the Chairman
  4. Presents a summary to the department of all national and international conferences attended


  1. Supervises immobilization, simulation prior to radiotherapy
  2. Directs radiotherapy treatment plan in consultation with Medical Physicist. Responsible for identifying: tur target volume, planning target volume, treated volume and irradiated volume. Responsible for identifying structures in Irradiated volume
  3. Prescribes accurate radiotherapy regime
  4. Be present at first fraction set up
  5. Follows and documents patients progress weekly during course of radiotherapy
  6. Coordinates all planned, concurrent oncology therapy
  7. Ensures accurate documentation of radiotherapy treatment summary
  8. Arranges for follow-up



English Language:

Level -1- Preferred

Arabic Language:



Level-II - Preferred


Graduate from Medical School recognized by NGHA. E Fellowship in Radiation Oncology. E

Job Details

Job Location Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Job Role Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
Employment Status Full time
Employment Type Full Time Employee
Number of Vacancies 1

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Associate Consultant
Years of Experience Min: 3
Degree Bachelor's degree
Required Certificate Saudi Commission For Health

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